Molly Berghout's Biography

Molly was born in Seattle, Washington.  In 2006, when Molly was twelve, circumstances of my father’s job gave our family the opportunity to move to London, England.


Molly, has always dreamed of a career in music, expecting to pursue the piano. The majestic and lavish sounds of the organ at the Oratory, however, left her with a love of this king of instruments and the sacred music of the Church. She switched from the piano to the organ, taking lessons with the organists from the Oratory, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Royal College of Organists School.  She hopes one day to bring the wealth of sacred music she has discovered here in England back to the United States inspiring the next generation to preserve the traditional music of the Church.


Molly is a virtuoso on the piano and organ.  She also has the incredible gift of creating beautiful melodies on the fly.  She is known for creating inspiring Birthday songs for her friends and family that are filled with love.