"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning." - Plato

Music is a universal language that connects deep inside of the core of humanity. The beat of our heart carries a rhythm from conception to death. Music provides a language that links to our soul.  Can you imagine a world without music or the people that create it?  Yet...

Schools Cutting Music Programs

     Every year public schools are under intense budget pressures and are faced with the challenge of making it through a school year.  Municipalities are facing their own challenges and often do not have the financial resources to invest in schools and community centers.


Thousands of children are not given the opportunity to learn how to play music.

Recording Industry

     The recording industry at one point had the financial resources to find and develop Musicians.  They would lose money developing artist hoping to unearth a superstar.  Those times are long gone. It is rare for a Label to invest in unproven artist.



Not as many Musicians are being taught how to succeed.

Musicians Can't Make a Living

     Musicians have to pay rent and feed their families like everyone else. It is tough to do when streaming music services pay less than a penny per play, most gig bars require the bands to work for tips, and recording studios that have the skills to create hit records are closing every day.


Musicians are quitting Music and an alarming rate.

Music is the Glue that Connects all of Humanity


     Please consider donating to the Foundation for Musicians and Songwriters and help us continue to get good music to the world. It is ONLY though the generous giving of people like you that help us keep music thriving for future generations.